August 3, 2020
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Real Estate Transactions for March 5

Published Mar 05, 2020 • Last Updated 10:24 am, March 03, 2020

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45 Fall Road: Elena Rand-Kaspi and Robert Goldman to James J. and Nora A. Therrien, $430,000 on Feb. 12

66 High Street Unit 8: Kathleen T. Moniello to James R. and Rita M. Barger, $689,000 on Feb. 13

150 Ironwood Road: Howard W. and Renate G. Gross to Brendon and Amanda Pluck, $870,000 on Feb. 13

15 Rosemary Lane: Estate of Wanda Marie McGuigan and Clifford J. McCuigan to Atlas Investment Group, $190,000 on Feb. 7

189 Tanner Marsh Road: Estate of May Elinor G. Dudley and Stephen B. Dudley to Douglas H. Anderson, $385,000 on Feb. 13


321 Boston Post Road: Lisa Goldman to David J. Dwyer and Benna R. Lehrer, $975,000 on Feb. 10

798 Green Hill Road: Yue Yang and Gang-Quing Yao to MML Renovations, LLC, $295,000 on Feb. 10

Harbor Avenue: Barbara A. Filmore to Anita D. Filmore, $145,000 on Feb. 7

40 Skytop Drive: Cecilia B. Alling to Skyfab 40, LLC, $35,000 on Feb. 12


257 Alps Road: Megan K. and Glenn L. Formica to Ferenc Bozso, $242,000 on Feb. 12



186 Damascus Road: Barbara R. Lyons to Joel Slowik and Allyson J. Weymouth, $375,000 on Feb. 14

18 Forest Street: Allyson Weymouth and Joel W. Slowik to Gordon B. and Dakota R. Whelpley, $315,000 on Feb. 14

19 Lomartra Lane: Donmar Development Corporation to Joann DeLucia, $528,140 on Feb. 11

28 Matthew Road: Scott A. Dillon to Nirmala Sapkota-Panday and Sulav Panday, $210,000 on Feb. 13

123 Peddlers Drive Unit 123: Debra Caron to Steven and Nancy Massaro, $149,900 on Feb. 12

15 Short Rocks Road: Paul and Carol J. Charbonneau to Milica Brogan, $185,000 on Feb. 10

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 222: Shana Cullen to Michael Villani, $137,000 on Feb. 14

North Haven

130 State Street Unit B32: Helen E. Hall and Roland H. Robichaud to Jerry D. Cohen, $170,000 on Jan. 23

18 Clintonville Road: Rene J. and Joan M. Genest to Luciano and Maria I. Havens, $475,000 on Feb. 11

38 Debra Lane: Mark and Doreen P. Stomsky to Raffaele Antonlicci, $275,000 on Feb. 10

16 Glenn Road: As Sons Properties, LLC, to Kristine E. Florio, $251,000 on Feb. 10

East Haven

134 Mansfield Grove Road: James and Rachel Antonucci to Kenneth Bode, $165,000 on Feb. 11

8 Maturo Drive: Andrew Carrano to Christine and James Begina, $243,000 on Feb. 10


7 Fieldbrook Avenue: Estate of Mary B. DeChello and Deborah Galasso to Abby Terreri and Brian Furtak, $198,000 on Jan. 21

3 Kings Grant Road: Jill G. and Inaki Ormaechea to Rebecca T. and August L. DeFrance, $322,000 on Jan. 23

4 Nutmeg Drive: Constance C. and Wayne P. Arsenault to Tonya Foerch and Renee Foy, $229,000 on Jan. 17



59 Old Post Road Unit Cr2: Thomas A. and Elizabeth A. King to Gary Konishesky RET and Gary Konishesky, $150,000 on Jan. 23

42-b Waterside Lane: Douglas and Sandra Brady to Edward Napolitano, $660,000 on Jan. 23

10 Hunters Path: US Bank NA Trust to Ata Homes, LLC, $95,000 on Feb. 11

131 Nod Road: USA HUD to Natali Orellana, $161,000 on Feb. 11

6 Robin Lane: James T. Gladwin to John R. Quarticelli, $164,000 on Feb. 12

66 Shore Road: Alwin Properties, LLC, to Julie K. Doering, $275,000 on Feb. 7


23 Meadowbrook Road Extension: Kristen Guziczek to Derek Musgrave, $260,000 on Jan. 23

Pheasant Hollow Lane: Renee E. Hittner to MHS LT and Michael Sisitsky, $15,000 on Jan. 21

195 Pettipaug Road: Mary Louis to Juan L. Alvardo and Ana L. Pinos-Loja, $250,000 on Feb. 7

706 Horse Hill Road: Lillian Emily Bernard LT and Bryan M. Etter to 706 Horse Hill Road, LLC, $940,000 on Feb. 10

Old Saybrook

13 Cove Street: Petrelis Properties, LLC, to Patricia Jones, $340,000 on Jan. 24

288-294 Main Street: Robert R. VanZandt and Gretchen Fagge to 288 Main, LLC, $340,000 on Jan. 23

88 Old Boston Post Road: Cawiamca, LLC, to Inaki I. and Jill G. Ormaeche, $449,000 on Jan. 22

174 Old Boston Post Road Unit 18: Brian V. and Leslie W. Jermainne to Shallie S. Lyon, $275,000 on Jan. 22

N/A: Shamrock Real Estate Holdings to Bridgetax Associates, LLC, $220,000 on Jan. 23

269 School House Road: Nancy Baldoni to Megan L. Erickson, $256,900 on Feb. 7

10 Thompson Lane: Carol A. McVey and Eric M. Rothgeb to Ann Knickerbocker and Charles Tarlton, $340,000 on Feb. 12


89 Cedar Lake Road: Kenneth A. and Deborah T. Grass to Lucien A. and Maria L. Bouffard, $265,000 on Jan. 21


53 West Hills Road: Patricia L. Jones to Diana S. Beckman Trust and Diana S. Beckman, $400,000 on Jan. 23

20 Comstock Avenue Unit 3b: Nicole R. Shail to Rose M. McLaughlin, $155,000 on Jan. 31

27 Deep River Road: Estate of Patricia Palau and Charles E. Palau to Emily Peterson, $140,000 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 206: Keith M. and Carolyn Z. Crehan to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $70,166 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 205: Frank and Joan Behrendt to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $87,000 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 204: John B. and Sandra Gray to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $68,000 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 211: Kathleen Fallon to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $60,850 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 213a: Richard A. and Deborah L. LePoutre to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $97,850 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 204a: Spencer’s Corner Owners’ Association to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $147,550 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 208a: SC Dayhan Realty, Inc., to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $118,850 on Jan. 31

90 Main Street Unit 203a: Spencer’s Corner Executive to Lofts at Spencer’s Corner, $300,000 on Jan. 31

23 West Avenue: Diana L. Charnok to Howard G. Rifkin, $760,000 on Jan. 27

Deep River

42 Bushy Hill Road: Francis Kulick to Stacey Lillibridge, $206,000 on Jan. 23

143 Essex Street: Anne Richards and Richard Schlachter to Mark Parquette, $130,000 on Jan. 31

130 Kelsey Hill Road: Wilmington Trust to Elizabeth Staplins and Benjamin Hobbs, $180,000 on Jan. 28

104 Kirtland Street: Leslie Riviere to Michael and Traci O’Brien, $225,000 on Jan. 8

92 Main Street Unit 226: James Macdonald to Kathleen Cartwright, $137,500 on Jan. 30

369 River Road: James Scala to James Neve, $1,240,000 on Jan. 13

369 River Road: Moosehead Ventures, Inc., to James Neve, $110,000 on Jan. 13

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