August 11, 2020
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Real Estate Transactions for March 26

Published Mar 26, 2020 • Last Updated 11:52 am, March 24, 2020

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58 3 Mile Course: Rosemary Dillon to Heidi J. Zapata, $165,000 on March 2

24 George Street: John E. Bailey to Heidi L. Simmons, $252,000 on Feb. 28

26 Granite Road Unit 26: Pamela E. Searle to Cheryl A. Henrick, $131,500 on March 2

1250 Long Hill Road: Robert C. and Kimberly C. Nemchek to Michael R. and Kristin M. Song, $327,500 on March 2

2146 Long Hill Road: F. Vigliotti Construction to Erika and Evaldo Malheiros, $339,900 on March 3

30 North Reeves Avenue: Karen A. Stark to James J. and Kelly A. Pappa, $410,000 on March 3

375 Podunk Road: Vango, LLC, to Aleh and Yulia Tsyvinski, $752,500 on March 4

19 Wauwinet Court Unit 19: Donna Larry and Gina Wells to Erica G. Rivera, $115,000 on March 5


6 Cocheco Avenue: Estate of Alfred T. Harrington and Michael A. Harrington to Joseph Marchionni, $290,000 on March 3

34 Double Beach Road: Sunrise Cove Partners, LLC, to Peter P. Sanchez and Mindy S. Russo, $456,050 on March 3

103 Florence Road Unit 1a: Jacquelyn DeFrancesco to Dominic Salvatore-Proto, $100,000 on March 2

17 Great Oaks: Estate of Nancy Harrison and Suzanne D. Harrison to Donald M. Priest, $215,000 on March 5

15 Halls Point Road: Eleanor Kelman RET and Eleanor M. Kelman to Kenneth and Donna Levinson, $246,250 on March 5

15 Halls Point Road: Estate of Gilbert N. Kelman and Eleanor M. Kelman to Kenneth and Donna Levinson, $246,250 on March 5

Hemlock Road: Anne Yankura to Victoria Ahern, $160,000 on March 3

191 Maple Street: Kelly Palumbo to Sara N. Wilhelm, $214,000 on March 2

21 Parker Place: Estate of Betsy Bigelow Seward and Donald Seward to 21 Parker Place, LLC, $250,000 on March 2

93 Rose Hill Road: Anthony F. and Michael J. Santacroce to Jason and Louis P. Porrello, $233,000 on March 3

Short Beach Road: Sally J. Gessner to Carol Friia, $225,000 on March 2

7 Stonegate Drive Unit A: Troy G. Kennen to Christina Cox, $145,000 on March 2


Boston Post Road: Trevino Acquisitions, LLC, to IRA Club, $351,000 on March 3

131 Cottage Road: 137 Cottage Road, LLC, to Cottage Road Development Partners, $2,445,000 on March 2

11 Deer Farms Road: Barbara Weiss to Lewis and Mary Nescott, $240,000 on March 4

48 Devonshire Lane: Estate of Todd P. Buttrick and Jenna R. Buttrick to Kenneth Burton-Zercie and Kristen L. Zercie, $400,000 on March 2

30 Indian Trail: Kimberly F. and Paul J. Schaefer to James I. and Jessica L. Daley, $630,000 on March 5

123 Liberty Street: Victor McGrady to Pamela Bonavita, $1,250,000 on March 2

740 Opening Hill Road: Mary R. Haburay to Kristopher and Mildred Kelly, $285,000 on March 4

34 Wildcat Road: Michael Gazzillo to John Kraemer, $329,000 on March 4

2 Yankee Glen Road Unit 2: Kimberly A. and Paul L. Howard to Madeleine Boyington, $55,500 on March 2

2-d Yankee Glen Road: Richard P. and Yvette D. Howard to Madeleine Boyington, $74,000 on March 2

2-d Yankee Glen Road: Danielle M. and Robert P. Howard to Madeleine Boyington, $55,500 on March 2

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 312: Mary Borelli to Alan B. Cassell and Rachel Franckowiak, $159,000 on March 2

94 Linsley Lake Road: Estate of Domenic V. Cicchetti and Kathy K. Priest to DCICS, LLC, $245,000 on March 2



100 Summit Drive: Statewide Development, LLC, to Alex Sabetta, $290,000 on March 2

155 Valley Road: FNMA to Mark Winchell, $163,300 on March 3

173 Valley Road: Peter J. and Lisa Stadolnik to Nicholas Perdo, $270,000 on March 6

56 Wilford Road: Melissa A. Tagliatela to Colin Silverio, $320,000 on March 2


22 Hunters Ridge Road: Hilary M. and Laurie C. Kumnick to William R. Stamm, $440,000 on Feb. 24


143 Beach Park Road: Matthew Dalene to Edward C. and Amy M. Sullivan, $310,000 on March 5

100 East Main Street: Chaika, LLC, to Curtis J. Browne, $534,000 on March 2

280 East Main Street Unit A2: Dennis J. and Laura A. Paradiso to Casandra Garceau and Laura A. Paradiso, $115,000 on March 3

1 Running Pine Drive: Robert R. and Patricia A. Radawich to Emily M. and Michael A. Rush, $273,000 on March 2

4 West Woods Drive: Estate of Raymond F. Parcell, Jr., and Rory Parcell to Lionel and Erin Meda, $317,000 on March 4

East Haven

92 Boston Avenue: Citibank NA to Jorge Orrego, $128,000 on March 2

104 Daniel Drive: Ral North Haven, LLC, to Heather Kesting, $350,000 on March 3

104 Daniel Drive Unit 71: Heather Kesting to Jessica Buck and Eric Fagerberg, $332,000 on March 3

2 Diaz Street: Wilson Reyes to Lordgino Sullivan, $240,000 on March 2

15 Florence Street: Nicholas Vallas to Raquel Lewis, $180,000 on Feb. 25

70 Florence Street: C. Miserendino to Ricardo and Tashia Brown, $212,000 on March 2

265 Foxon Hill Road: Wells Fargo USA Holdings to Jeffrey Russek, $122,000 on Feb. 26

102 Grannis Street: JJ Russo & Sons Construction, LLC, to James Coady, $410,000 on Feb. 28

282 Grannis Street: US Bank NA to Kristin Kikosicki, $185,000 on March 2

109 Hellstrom Road: Holly Angelini to Ricahrd Acampora, $172,000 on Feb. 24

26 Hilda Street: Mark and Karrie Remington to Evelyn Huartazaca and Elvis Sevilla, $150,000 on March 4

209 Kimberly Avenue: George & A. Ranalli FT and George Ranalli to M&D Batim, LLC, $115,000 on Feb. 28

210 Kimberly Avenue: Richard Kaspryzcki to Real Estate Group 14, LLC, $37,500 on Feb. 25

210 Kimberly Avenue: Estate of Elaine Dressler and Richard Kasprzycki to Real Estate Group 14, LLC, $37,500 on Feb. 25

38 Letis Road: JJ Russo & Sons Construction, LLC, to Collette and Rubino Ferrigno, $581,970 on Feb. 28

817 North High Street: June Whitford to Michael Reid, $177,000 on March 4

75 Redwood Drive Unit 108: Eugene Pan to Taylor Edgecomb, $143,000 on March 4

239 Rock Road: Estate of David Winston and Frederick Winston to Scott and Linda Meeker, $60,000 on Feb. 28

239 Rock Street: Frederick and Elizabeth Winston to Linda and Scott Meeker, $120,000 on Feb. 28

55 Thompson Street Unit 14h: Lisa Dallesandris to Muhammet Demir and Enes Demit, $144,000 on March 3

140 Thompson Street Unit 10f: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Regina Kaczmarek, $105,000 on Feb. 25

44 Tuttle Place: Zachary Johnson to Alejandra and Carlos Aguilar, $195,000 on March 4

N/A: Estate of Frieda Heermans and Gerard Johnson to Vincenzo Landino, $67,500 on Feb. 25

N/A: Estate of Kathleen Johnson and Gerard Johnson to Vincenzo Landino, $67,500 on Feb. 25

North Haven

104 Daniel Drive Unit 104: Heather A. Kesting to Jessica Buck and Eric Fagerberg, $332,000 on March 2

1518 Hartford Turnpike: Brian P. Smith to Tony Vannaseng, $285,000 on Feb. 28

1560 Hartford Turnpike: Thomas Alwang to Albert and Amy Pontillo, $256,000 on March 4

15 Helen Drive: Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Tammy Hanna, $241,000 on March 2

330 Mill Road: Nutmeg Financial Holdings to Daniel and Linda Semple, $310,000 on March 2

42 Pine River Road: Linda Fronte to Som Sinat and Keo Sok, $275,000 on March 4


3 Barn Way Unit 3: William D. Barry to Al R. and June D. Fecteau, $426,000 on March 2

1223 Boston Post Road: L&L Westbrook, LLC, to RM Lagace & Sons, Inc., $235,000 on March 2

2 Dorothy Road: Hovhanessian INT and Gary Hovhanessian to KJL Investments, LLC, $180,000 on March 4

161 Malabar Drive: George V. Lawler to Felipe Abello, $290,000 on March 3

1180 Old Clinton Road: David and Nicole L. Micklich to Veronica G. and Wilson A. Caguana, $210,000 on March 2

Old Saybrook

5 Christy Heights: Darren McCauley-Potts and Timothy A. Potts to Brian C. and Kellie A. Coleman, $370,000 on March 2

58 Church Street: Mark F. and Jennifer M. Hoben to Richard and Susan Beaudoin, $462,500 on Feb. 28

38 College Street: M&F Realty, LLC, to Brian A. and Michelle E. Guy, $960,000 on Feb. 28

5 Gilbert Road: Bekim Redzematovic to Edin Celic, $300,000 on March 2

6 Pheasant Hill Lane: Carlton D. and Jacqueline R. Jenkins to Monica Pinette, $345,000 on Feb. 28

22 River Avenue: Joseph P. and Cynthia A. Galipeau to Michael J. and Anne L. Stanton, $575,000 on March 3

214 School House Road: Mark A. and Margaret A. Smith to Douglas M. and Leash M. Perrelli, $350,000 on March 4

25 Sheffield Street: Village Centre Residences to Dianne T. and Michael A. Sirek, $650,000 on Feb. 28


36 Gates Road: Richard J. and Maureen M. Wackenreuter to Scott M. Sweeney, $420,000 on March 6

42 Lynn Road: John Lombardi and Pennymac Loan Services to Pennymac Loan Services, $193,440 on March 2

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