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Amistad: Voyage of Remembrance

Reporter Ted Mann and photojournalist Sean D. Elliot went to Cuba with Amistad, the reproduction schooner built at Mystic Seaport. In 1839, the original Amistad was homeported in Cuba when it was sent to ferry kidnapped Africans bound for slavery.

Photo Galleries

  • Ceremony marks anniversary of Amistad's arrival in New London | August 25. 2014 | 10 photos
  • Amistad crew performs maintenance in New Haven | July 12. 2014 | 7 photos
  • Amistad in New London | July 6. 2013 | 6 photos
  • The Amistad travels to Norwich | June 12. 2012 | 8 photos
  • A retrospective of the Amistad | January 20. 2012 | 9 photos
  • The seductive languor of Cuba | March 27. 2010 | 17 photos
  • Cuba Day 5  -  Arriving in Havana | March 25. 2010 | 12 photos
  • Enjoying the flavor of Matanzas | March 24. 2010 | 10 photos
  • Amistad in Cuba helps students 'believe history' | March 23. 2010 | 6 photos


'Living history' docks in New London

 May 21, 2010; Updated: 4:11 pm

New London - Standing at the end of the Amistad Pier, William Pinkney, the Amistad's first captain, raised his arms over his head and chuckled softly to himself as the schooner glided around Fort Trumbull and came into...


A not-so perfect storm

 May 5, 2010; Updated: 3:51 am

It was five years ago this week that the 47-foot ketch Almeisan left a Bridgeport marina for an ocean passage to Bermuda, traveling up Long Island Sound during the night of May 3 and passing through Plum Gut, near Orient Point, N.Y., on the way out...


For Cubans, transition ahead

 March 28, 2010; Updated: 4:33 pm

The visit of the schooner Amistad has provided a unique perspective on a Cuba in flux, one trying to maintain the systems and ideals of the revolución that is now in its 52nd year, even as national leaders court a new tourism sector that is, at its...


Amistad visit stirs the political waters

 March 26, 2010; Updated: 4:05 pm

Each press event and port visit has triggered questions about whether the overture of the Amistad mission, which aims to link those in the United States, Caribbean and Africa who were touched by the international slave trade, would help bring an end...


The Amistad sails into Old Havana harbor

 March 25, 2010; Updated: 7:02 am

The Amistad motored out of Matanzas harbor early Thursday, and cruised along the waterfront of the Cuban capital at full sail, flying the U.S., Cuban and UN flags – the culmination of a multi-country tour and a dream more than a decade old for...


For Amistad, an opportunity nearly lost

 March 25, 2010; Updated: 6:39 pm

Matanzas, Cuba - Captain Sean Bercaw of the schooner Amistad was sitting topside on Wednesday in this windblown port city, the long, deep harbor around him white-capped and almost stunningly blue.


'A True Story of Freedom' Amistad exhibit goes to United Nations for viewing through April 25

 March 24, 2010; Updated: 7:36 am

New London - Today, the New London Maritime Society-Custom House Maritime Museum is bringing the Amistad story to the United Nations.The exhibit - "Amistad: A True Story of Freedom" - will be on view at United Nations headquarters...


In Cuban port, a living lesson in history

 March 24, 2010; Updated: 6:27 pm

Under a hot, late-morning sun, Staci Detwiler sat on a bulkhead of the schooner Amistad, surrounded by children in the maroon uniforms of the Escuela Vocacional de Arte Alfonso Perez.


Cubans celebrate Amistad's arrival in historic slave-trade port

 March 23, 2010; Updated: 8:13 am

Matanzas, Cuba - The black-hulled schooner Amistad was unmistakable, sailing into the deep, long harbor of this industrial port, bright main and foresails taut in the steady breeze.


Amistad is sailing back to where its story began

 March 22, 2010; Updated: 8:14 am

Havana - Over a breakfast of melon, eggs and thick, dark Cuban coffee, Quentin Snediker, Maureen Hennessy and William Pinkney seem barely able to stand the wait for the coasting schooner Amistad and its crew to arrive in Cuba.


Amistad, symbol of the slave trade joins US and Cuba

 March 18, 2010; Updated: 5:20 pm

Days from now, a stately black schooner will sail through a narrow channel into Havana's protected harbor, its two masts bearing the rarest of sights — the U.S. Stars and Stripes, with the Cuban flag fluttering nearby. The ship is the Amistad,...


Map of the Amistad Caribbean Heritage Tour

map of Amistad route

Image courtesy Amistad America


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