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Unsafe to Rent

An investigation by The Day found that Zane Megos has taken deposits from more than a dozen people for apartments they never ended up living in. Some of those apartments are in two condemned buildings Megos owns in Norwich.

Megos unsafe

Premium Content Businessman collects rents on condemned, unavailable units

 May 5, 2012

Even though the Norwich buildings at 25 Rogers Ave. and 75 Fourth St. are uninhabitable, the owner, Zane Megos, has taken rental deposits from would-be tenants over the last three years, an investigation by The Day has found.

Premium Content Megos has history of complaints, disciplinary action

 May 5, 2012

The state Department of Consumer Protection has a lengthy file on past complaints and disciplinary action, including escrow deposit mishandling, commingling of escrow funds and alleged fraudulent dealings.

Premium Content In landlord disputes, complainants get bounced around

 May 7, 2012

A number of people with complaints about Zane Megos' business dealings have been frustrated in their attempts to get reimbursement of down payments on apartments. Municipal and state agencies have just referred them to other agencies.

Premium Content State taking a harder look at Megos

 May 9, 2012

The state Department of Consumer Protection is investigating whether Norwich businessman Zane Megos is engaging in real-estate activities without a license in violation of state law. Meanwhile, Norwich police are investigating possible criminal activity.

Premium Content IRS files lien on Norwich landlord

 May 10, 2012

The Internal Revenue Service's tax lien against Zane Megos is for more than $88,000 for unpaid federal income taxes from the 2005 and 2007 tax years.

Premium Content Small claims court makes winning a chore

 May 13, 2012

People who have won judgments against local businessman Zane Megos have found no help from the onerous Small Claims Court when it comes to collecting.

More Coverage

Premium Content Records show Megos facing foreclosures

 October 6, 2012; Updated: 11:42 pm

Norwich businessman Zane Megos, who is accused of taking deposits and advanced rental payments for properties that never became available, also faces seven criminal cases.


Premium Content Judge orders Zane Megos: Don’t collect any rent

 June 29, 2012; Updated: 10:19 am

The Norwich businessman tells the court that he will be able to make restitution to his victims after some of his houses sell.


Premium Content Megos arrested, held on five larceny charges

 June 22, 2012; Updated: 10:16 am

Norwich businessman Zane R. Megos has been arrested by city police following an investigation into his alleged fraudulent practices as a landlord. Special Report: The Day's investigation of Zane Megos


Premium Content Chance encounter reveals unpaid Megos settlement

 May 31, 2012; Updated: 12:39 am

When a lawyer heard that Norwich businessman Zane Megos had been making payments to some who have won Small Claims Court judgments against him, she contacted Megos' lawyer to seek a refund for her New London client.


Premium Content Two collect on court judgments against Norwich landlord

 May 23, 2012; Updated: 6:08 pm

The Day interviewed more than a dozen people who said they had given cash deposits to Zane Megos to rent apartments or purchase homes in Norwich and New London that never became available.


Premium Content Norwich police conducting investigation into Megos' apartment dealings

 May 7, 2012; Updated: 12:05 am

Norwich police confirmed Monday that they are conducting multiple investigations into allegations that businessman Zane Megos accepted cash deposits and advanced rent payments for apartments that were condemned and never became available.


Premium Content Deception and inaction in Norwich

 May 6, 2012; Updated: 8:40 pm

Law enforcement officials should be taking a hard look at deceptive practices of a Norwich businessman and landlord.