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U.S. Government Shutdown

Tim Cook/The Day
Clockwise, from above, a crew member of the U.S.S. Nautilus walks the pier next to the historic submarine as the Submarine Force Museum and historic ship U.S.S. Nautilus are closed to the public. Visitors photograph the closed Lincoln Memorial from behind barriers on the first day of a government shutdown in Washington. And Gregg Tinkham, a Valley Forge National Park chief ranger, and Trevor Blasco, a park law enforcement ranger, monitor a park entrance near a sign indicating park closure on the first day of a government shutdown in Valley Forge, Pa.
Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
Mark Makela/The New York Times

Premium Content Federal employees in the region glad to be back to work

 October 18, 2013; Updated: 7:17 pm

The curator of the U.S. Coast Guard Museum said she got so behind on her work while the government was shut down, it was hard to figure out what to do first once she returned to the office Thursday.


Government is back in business

 October 16, 2013; Updated: 6:20 pm

After shutting down the U.S. government for 16 days and driving the nation toward the brink of default, a chastened Congress voted late Wednesday to reopen federal agencies, call hundreds of thousands of civil servants back to work and raise the $16.7 trillion debt limit.


Premium Content Murphy: Shutdown agreement is no reason to celebrate

 October 16, 2013; Updated: 12:41 am

U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy said earlier Wednesday that they supported a deal reached that night to reopen the federal government and raise the debt ceiling, but that it was not a cause for celebration.


Premium Content Senate reaches deal, protests continue

 October 16, 2013; Updated: 6:53 pm

Furloughed government workers continued to gather in protest outside the Capitol Wednesday afternoon as the Senate came to an agreement to avoid a debt crisis and end the 16-day shutdown.


Congress sends gov't funding, debt bill to Obama

 October 16, 2013; Updated: 10:28 pm

Congress has passed legislation to reopen the partially-shuttered federal government and avert a potentially disastrous default on U.S. obligations, clearing the measure for President Barack Obama's promised signature.


House to vote Tuesday night on budget bill

 October 15, 2013; Updated: 4:51 pm

WASHINGTON — A spokesman for Speaker John Boehner says the House will vote Tuesday night on legislation that would reopen the government and avert a financial default.Michael Steel says the bill would keep the government operating until Dec. 15 and let the Treasury borrow money until Feb. 7.It also says members of Congress, the president, vice president and thousands of congressional aides would no...


Premium Content Chamber of Commerce postpones annual Military Appreciation Breakfast

 October 15, 2013; Updated: 3:17 pm

Groton — The Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut has postponed its annual Military Appreciation Breakfast scheduled for this Friday because of the federal government shutdown.The shutdown has limited the activities that service members can participate in. A new date for the fourth annual event has not yet been set."The decision to postpone the event was made in conjunction with the U.S. Navy...


Premium Content Army Corps office closed due to government shutdown

 October 15, 2013; Updated: 6:31 pm

The New England District office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced Tuesday that it will close its regulatory office due to the partial government shutdown.


Premium Content Connecticut delegation cautiously hopeful shutdown agreement can be reached

 October 14, 2013; Updated: 11:53 pm

As the government shutdown entered its third week Monday, members of the state’s congressional delegation said they were hopeful a deal could soon be reached to reopen the government and avoid defaulting on the national debt.


Default looming, Day 14 of shutdown, no solution

 October 14, 2013; Updated: 4:46 pm

The United States moved perilously closer to an economy-rattling default and a partial government shutdown entered its third week as Senate Democratic and Republican leaders remained at odds over spending in their last-ditch negotiations to end the crises facing the nation.


Reid, McConnell optimistic on debt-shutdown deal

 October 14, 2013; Updated: 4:44 pm

WASHINGTON — After weeks of stubborn gridlock, the Senate's top two leaders raced to reach an agreement Monday that could head off a first-ever U.S. Treasury default threatened for midweek and end the 14-day partial government shutdown.


Obama cites progress in talks; warns of default

 October 14, 2013; Updated: 1:47 pm

President Barack Obama is sounding an optimistic note saying there has been progress in the Senate toward resolving a standoff over the nation's debt and the partial government shutdown.


U.S. stocks edge higher on hopes for debt talks

 October 14, 2013; Updated: 1:42 pm

Stocks turned higher in afternoon trading Monday as investors waited for news of a possible deal to raise the debt ceiling before Thursday's deadline.


Focus of shutdown negotiations shifts to Senate

 October 12, 2013; Updated: 12:08 pm


Premium Content Shutdown a 'wait-and-see' game for submarine parts suppliers

 October 11, 2013; Updated: 11:35 pm

Government workers who process the paperwork for Defense Department contracts were furloughed last week, and with the lapse in appropriations there is no money to distribute to contractors.


Premium Content D.C. follies threaten Stonington student trips to Washington

 October 11, 2013; Updated: 1:03 am

The federal government shutdown has forced Pine Point School to postpone its scheduled trip to Washington, D.C., while Mystic Middle School will decide today whether to delay its trip next week until the spring.


Senate GOP leader: Republicans start work on bipartisan shutdown, default solution

 October 11, 2013; Updated: 2:15 pm

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell says GOP lawmakers are working on trying to come up with a bipartisan solution to the budget stalemate.


Utah reopening national parks, others eye options

 October 11, 2013; Updated: 1:08 pm

Utah is set to become the first state to reopen national parks within its borders as other states also consider whether to send money to the federal government to save lucrative tourist seasons.


Dow surges 300 points as investors anticipate default deal

 October 10, 2013; Updated: 3:35 pm

The stock market is surging as Washington moves closer to avoiding a default on the U.S. government's debt. The market is on track for its biggest gain since January.


Premium Content Furloughs may further delay long-stalled veterans benefits

 October 9, 2013; Updated: 11:59 pm

Veterans who need help with benefits claims cannot call or visit Veterans Benefits Administration offices in Newington or Groton until the government reopens.


Premium Content Amid shutdown, WIC has funding to assist mothers through October

 October 8, 2013; Updated: 12:11 am

TVCCA is worried about providing baby formula to clients through Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, or WIC, if the government shutdown continues beyond the end of the month.


Obama to Boehner: No talks until government opens

 October 8, 2013; Updated: 5:31 pm

President Barack Obama called the top Republican in the GOP-controlled House Tuesday, telling Speaker John Boehner once again that he won't negotiate over reopening the government or must-pass legislation to prevent a U.S. default on its obligations.


Premium Content State officials hail return to work of defense employees

 October 8, 2013; Updated: 12:16 am

The majority of Department of Defense civilian personnel are returning to work this week, a development Connecticut officials say is great news, although they remain concerned about the potential long-term effects of the federal government shutdown.


Premium Content Bank to work with those affected by government shutdown

 October 8, 2013; Updated: 11:43 pm

Customers whose jobs are affected by the government shutdown might qualify for relief and assistance from Chelsea Groton Bank.If customers are in need of financial assistance as a result of the government shutdown, they should visit a Chelsea Groton branch or call the Customer Care Center at (860) 448-4200. Relief may be in the form of loan assistance, special payment programs, or financial counseling.Chelsea...


Most Pentagon employees ordered back; otherwise, shutdown goes on

 October 5, 2013; Updated: 6:57 pm

Only two days after House Speaker John Boehner raised hopes by telling colleagues he won't let the nation go into default, key members of both parties conceded that no one has presented a plausible plan for avoiding it.


Government doors closed, but workers may get paid

 October 5, 2013; Updated: 12:25 pm

Their government has failed to keep the doors open and has told federal workers to stay off the job as the political parties fight over spending and health care in austere times.


Premium Content Extended shutdown could chill state heating assistance efforts

 October 4, 2013; Updated: 11:33 pm

While state officials say there is enough money on hand to help low-income households through the beginning of the heating season, they warn that such assistance could be at risk in the event of a lengthy federal shutdown.


Shutdown Day 4: Dems say it's time for GOP to unite, end shutdown

 October 4, 2013; Updated: 12:08 pm

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama decided to stay home from economic summits in Asia as Democrats stepped up pressure on congressional Republicans to rein in their tea party faction and reopen the government with no strings attached.House Republicans said that with Congress and the president in town this weekend, now is the perfect time to start negotiating a plan to reopen the government."All I'm...


Premium Content Shutdown doesn't stop veterans from visiting World War II Memorial

 October 4, 2013; Updated: 11:55 pm

Veterans groups that had planned trips to the memorial have been permitted to visit, despite closure of the nation's national parks, monuments and historic sites since Tuesday, after Congress failed to act to keep the government running.


Premium Content Sub group leader reports on deployment strategies during shutdown

 October 4, 2013; Updated: 5:13 pm

The leader of Submarine Group Two says he is prioritizing work that is essential to ensuring submarines are ready to deploy while the government is shut down.


Premium Content Courtney 'hunkered down' at Capitol after shooting incident

 October 3, 2013; Updated: 5:34 pm

UPDATED: 4:55 p.m. U.S. Rep Joe Courtney was on the phone with an under-secretary of defense when he heard the Capitol's warning system blaring Thursday afternoon. "Tension is running high obviously because of the political environment. We just had a round of votes that I walked back from and was on a conference call," Courtney, D-2nd District, said 15 minutes after the shooting.


UPDATED: Shutdown in 3rd day with debt trouble looming

 October 3, 2013; Updated: 3:33 pm

WASHINGTON — Efforts to resolve the government shutdown were at a standstill Thursday as President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner traded barbs, the Treasury warned of a dire risk to the economy ahead and work in the Capitol was briefly halted because of gunshots outside. U.S. Capitol police put the entire complex under lockdown for about a half hour after a police officer was injured in the shooting outside. Witnesses said the...


Premium Content Furloughs threaten to hamper submarine work

 October 3, 2013; Updated: 11:57 pm

Submarines may not go to sea on time if the federal employees who were furloughed because of the government shutdown do not return to work soon, according to the Navy.


Premium Content Groton barber still hard at work, but not all of his customers are so lucky

 October 3, 2013; Updated: 6:45 pm

Joe C. Quaratella Jr. cut the hair of a young man Wednesday who graduates from officer training school on Friday but can’t move to his next training program because his paperwork’s tied up.


Premium Content Head Start programs in region are spared in shutdown

 October 3, 2013; Updated: 5:13 pm

While the more than 500 families with children who attend Head Start programs in New London County are not affected by the government shutdown, in Bridgeport, more than 1,000 youngsters were turned away Monday from the all-day preschool programs.


House Speaker Boehner: Obama, Democrats refuse to negotiate

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 7:42 pm

UPDATED: 7:35 p.m. President Obama and congressional leaders met at the White House on the second day of a partial government shutdown. House Speaker John Boehner says it was a nice conversation but suggested little progress was made.


United Technologies may furlough 5K workers due to government shutdown

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 7:39 pm

Hartford — United Technologies Corp. says it may furlough more than 5,000 workers if the U.S. government shutdown continues into next month.United Technologies says its Sikorsky division, which makes Black Hawk helicopters, would be hit first. It expects nearly 2,000 employees, including those employed at facilities in Connecticut, Florida and Alabama, will be furloughed by Monday.The...


Obama, lawmakers meet on shutdown's 2nd day

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 4:37 pm

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama called top lawmakers to the White House on Wednesday as Republicans refused Democratic demands to consider legislation ending a two-day partial government shutdown. Despite the invitation, White House press secretary Jay Carney said sharply that Obama "will not offer concessions to Republicans in exchange for not tanking the economy." With the nation's ability to...


Premium Content Local jobs suddenly are put on hold by shutdown

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 3:50 pm

Jason Southard, the director of athletic media relations at the Coast Guard Academy for the past 19 years, is one of hundreds of federal employees in eastern Connecticut sent home by the shutdown.


Shutdown statement

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 11:46 pm

Beech Grove, Ind., resident Joseph Lohman, 25, who served as a corporal in the Marines from 2008 to 2012, shows his concern Tuesday over the government shutdown by holding an American flag upside down, a signal of distress, just north of I-465, where he has been since midnight Monday. Lohman is disabled from a fall in training and is concerned about veterans not getting their disability checks. "I'm not protesting," says Lohman, "I'm just standing up for what is right."


Premium Content Federal workers would be paid retroactively under House bill

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 12:05 am

A House bill would guarantee that all federal employees receive retroactive pay for the duration of the government shutdown.


Gov't shutdown: No progress on ending stalemate

 October 2, 2013; Updated: 6:25 am

The political stare-down on Capitol Hill shows no signs of easing, leaving federal government functions — from informational websites, to national parks, to processing veterans' claims — in limbo from coast to coast. Lawmakers in both parties ominously suggested the partial shutdown might last for weeks.


Premium Content Shutdown closes USDA, Connecticut Conservation District offices

 October 1, 2013; Updated: 12:06 am

The local offices of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Eastern Connecticut Conservation District closed Tuesday due to the federal government shutdown.


Obama hits GOP 'ideological crusade' in shutdown

 October 1, 2013; Updated: 2:37 pm


Premium Content Coast Guard football game is still on for Saturday despite shutdown

 October 1, 2013; Updated: 7:30 pm

The Coast Guard Academy’s home football game on Saturday is going forward for now, despite the government shutdown, which may cancel other games for the Navy, Air Force and Army.


Premium Content Federal employees in region head for home after shutdown

 October 1, 2013; Updated: 1:02 pm

Close to 1,300 people arrived at work Tuesday morning at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton and Connecticut National Guard facilities, only to set up out-of-office messages and take care of last-minute business.


Shutdown orders issued as Congress misses deadline

 October 1, 2013; Updated: 6:23 am

For the first time in nearly two decades, the federal government staggered into a partial shutdown early Tuesday morning after congressional Republicans stubbornly demanded changes in the nation's health care law as the price for essential federal funding and President Barack Obama and Democrats adamantly refused.


Premium Content Connecticut's health insurance marketplace has a busy first day with 28,000 visitors

 October 1, 2013; Updated: 3:20 pm

The state's new online health insurance marketplace began operating as scheduled on Tuesday, receiving more than 28,000 visitors and processing 167 applications by 4 p.m.


Effects of government #shutdown as seen on social media

We are capturing social media posts by federal government agencies, senators and congressional leaders as the government shutdown takes effect.

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