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Letters • Published May 23, 2018 08 a.m.

With Thanks

On May 12 in Essex Town Park, the Essex Garden Club held its 66th May Market. The Silent Auction Committee of May Market would like to thank our area merchants, friends, and artists for the...

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Letters • Published April 18, 2018 08 a.m.

Bus Gives Freedom and Independence

I am very unhappy, and deeply concerned to hear the 9 Town Transit bus service will be reduced.This will be a great hardship on us the senior citizens, and the handicapped. We need the bus...

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Letters • Published April 04, 2018 08 a.m.

A Huge Success

A big thank you goes to everyone who participated and support Essex Community Fund’s inaugural Cheers for Charity event held at the Essex Steam Train recently. This new endeavor for the...

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Letters • Published March 28, 2018 08 a.m.

A Grand Day

It was a grand day for a parade. The Town of Essex Park and Recreation Department would like to extend a thousand thanks to our local businesses and organizations that helped make the eighth...

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Letters • Published Feb. 21, 2018 08 a.m.

Let’s Work Together

Connecticut, much like other states across the nation, is struggling to combat a growing opioid epidemic. Opioid addiction has impacted every community in Connecticut, no matter how large or small,...

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Letters • Published Feb. 14, 2018 08 a.m.

A Significant Impact

For decades, transportation programs in Connecticut have been funded by a tax on gasoline and diesel fuels that go into the Special Transportation Fund. The 25 cent gas tax hasn’t changed...

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Letters • Published Dec. 20, 2017 08 a.m.

In Good Cheer

As race director of the Ivoryton Pumpkin Chase, I would like to thank the many people who contributed to making the Ivoryton Library fundraiser a fine autumn event for our community. The weather...

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Letters • Published Nov. 15, 2017 08 a.m.

Thanks for the Wonderful Support

On behalf of Team MAD and the Steam Train Half Marathon & Relay, I would like to thank the runners who participated in the Steam Train Half Marathon & Relay on Oct. 28 and the spectators...

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Letters • Published Nov. 15, 2017 08 a.m.

All Want Wishes Respected

We take great care to write our will or trust. We expect to have our wishes legally protected so those we care for receive what we want them to have. Both emotional and legal aspects should be...

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Letters • Published Nov. 15, 2017 08 a.m.

Bringing our Community Together

On a spectacular fall day, our 17th annual Ivoryton Village Pumpkin Festival was enjoyed by more than 800 people and there were approximately 350 carved pumpkins on display. It was a fair showing...

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Letters • Published Oct. 18, 2017 08 a.m.

Full-Time, Hands-On

With a 2017-’18 combined town and schools budget of more than $24 million and approximately 45 full and part-time employees, Essex needs a full-time, hands-on first selectman. Vin Pacileo,...

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Letters • Published Oct. 18, 2017 08 a.m.

Professional Experience and Training

Elizabeth Tucker is a fourth-generation library employee. She began volunteering at the Henry Carter Hull Library (HCHL) in Clinton at 14, and after receiving a B.S. in French from UConn and...

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Letters • Published Oct. 18, 2017 08 a.m.

Stay with What’s Working

Let’s stay with what’s working. Norm Needleman and Stacia Libby are doing a great job serving Essex as selectpersons. They and their team have strengthened our financial management,...

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Letters • Published Oct. 18, 2017 08 a.m.

Compassionate and Understanding

The Connecticut Probate Court System is an often misunderstood, vitally important part of our community. I am writing to encourage anyone who reads this to cast their ballot for Jeannine Lewis, as ...

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Letters • Published Oct. 18, 2017 08 a.m.

Find Other Means

I endorse Vin Pacileo for first selectman of Essex. Under the Governor Dannel Malloy budget, there will be a substantial reduction in the Education Cost Sharing grant for Essex. Vin Pacileo vows...

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Letters • Published Oct. 18, 2017 08 a.m.

Integrity, Common Sense, and Leadership

First Selectman Norm Needleman claims (“Essex Democrats Announce Party Platform,”, Sept. 20) that he and his running-mate Selectman Stacia Rice-Libby reject “toxic...

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Letters • Published Oct. 11, 2017 08 a.m.

Need to Ask More Questions

Purchasing 34 acres of land (12 lots) by Regional 4 School District in the amount of $350,000 is a concern for all three towns. This purchase seems questionable at a time when we haven’t a...

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Letters • Published Oct. 04, 2017 08 a.m.

Will Find Creative Solutions

Vin Pacileo is the right choice for first selectman in Essex. Proactive describes his style of leadership. His willingness to confront challenges and ability to find creative solutions for...

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Letters • Published Oct. 04, 2017 08 a.m.

Experience, Knowledge, and Service

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, I encourage your readers to re-elect First Selectman Lauren Gister and Selectman Charlene Janecek, Democratic incumbents whose experience, knowledge, and service to Chester...

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Letters • Published Sep. 27, 2017 08 a.m.

Ready to Step Up

Recently an apartment complex was approved in Essex that had been fought against for months by many local citizens. Currently under construction next to the Valley Railroad, the project went...

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Letters • Published Aug. 30, 2017 08 a.m.

Remains to be Resolved

After months of sometimes rancorous debate, the Carlson Landing restaurant project was approved by the Essex Zoning Commission.As I mentioned in my letter to the Courier in early June...

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Letters • Published Aug. 09, 2017 08 a.m.

Discovering the Fascinating History

Essex Historical Society (EHS) extends heartfelt appreciation to everyone who made our third annual Walking Weekend such a success! Composed of four separate walking tours over three days this...

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Letters • Published Aug. 02, 2017 08 a.m.

It is a Plus

I write supporting Rick Carlson’s application to construct an upscale restaurant in Essex. It is a plus for the immediate area, and a plus for the community.Eight years ago, Dorothy...

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Letters • Published July 12, 2017 08 a.m.

A Most Sincere Thank You

The Ivoryton Village Fourth of July Parade was held on July 4. The day was perfect! The march was viewed by a large, enthusiastic crowd and the parade honored Sam O’Donnell, a dedicated...

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Letters • Published July 05, 2017 08 a.m.

Irony Seems Lost

The proposed Essex Boat Works(EBW)/Carlson Landing project, submitted by Essex Residents Rick Carlson and Diana Gregory, is in lockstep with Essex’s plan of development. This project meets...

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